get fake reviews on amazon>get fake reviews on amazon

get fake reviews on amazon

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get fake reviews on amazon

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    With the Daily Advance, you can receive up to 90% of your previous day's sales with rates as low as 0.5% of the advanced amount. There is zero prepayment penalty and no impact on your personal credit score. How Does Amazon Pay Sellers? Your Top FAQs Answered


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    "A while back someone posted 'why do you hate apartments so much?'... today was the answer to that question. I had 11 packages in one complex. The buildings are not well labeled so good luck finding the apartments. I got seven delivered up and down three flights of stairs and took the rest to the leasing office where a worker berated me about being a 'liar' for not attempting delivery first." Amazon Flex offers one of the few delivery jobs that can allow you to earn more than minimum wage, usually even after accounting for gas and wear and tear on your car. The online retailer "contributes" $15 to $19 to driver pay for each hour the driver works. However, some of its pay expectations are built around tips, which the site estimates based on average tips paid for similar blocks of business.



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    When the Flex app finally returns job offers, Karunungan has to ignore some of them because the destinations are too far away or set at inconvenient times. He refers to this exercise as "fishing." "Most of these Flex drivers have no idea - they do not realize that they're making considerably less and working considerably more than what Amazon quotes in the app," says David Vernon, an analyst at Bernstein who worked on the report.

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